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Mid Year Reflection

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Let's do a Mid Year Reflection together....

Grab a pen and paper or simply reply with your answers I would love to read them!


How is your year unfolding- what newfound awareness has 2022 brought into your life?

What roots are you tending to?

What seeds have you planting?

What’s ready to harvest?

What’s yet to grow?

Regular energy tending and conscious inner connection shifts your ability to show up to the ebb and flow of your life.

Western society does not value daily energetic check ins or moving in a direction that feels most aligned and good – if you can sense the cost of that – then choose to commit to living self- aware and interconnected to your feeling body and watch the ease and peace that is available to you.

Looking forward to reading your reflections!

Huge love

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