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Talk to Me

30 day Voxer voice mentoring

What is Talk to Me?

Discover the Power of TALK TO ME:

A Soul-Cleansing and clarifying Journey.


A 30 day 1:1 Voxer voice note coaching and sharing space.


Are you feeling the weight of unspoken thoughts and invisible burdens?

You deserve a space to share and be heard.

Discover the Power of TALK TO ME: A Soul-Cleansing Journey

Imagine having your own voice diary, a sacred space for your thoughts and emotions, effortlessly woven into your daily routine.


In this 30 day expression space free yourself from any weight you carry and embrace a life of lightness and connection.

Who is this for?

"Talk to Me" is for individuals who are seeking personal growth, inner transformation, and a deeper connection with themselves and others.

It's designed for those who value clarity, conscious living, and embracing their authentic selves.

This program is especially beneficial for those looking to enhance their communication skills, build meaningful relationships, and cultivate self-love and self-awareness.

If this resonates with you, "Talk to Me" will be a wildly valuable resource and support system for you.

What Talk To Me Offers;

- Experience daily voice coaching for soul cleansing.

- Seamlessly integrate transformative practices into their daily life.

- Release burdens and find inner peace.

- Gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their unique journey.

- Embrace emotions and personal growth with compassion.

- Foster self-love, kindness, and well-being.

- Embrace the present moment and let go of judgment.

- Strengthen connections in relationships through intentional communication.

- Find joy and purpose in responsibilities and commitments.

- Navigate life's challenges with ease, grace, truth, and inner peace.

- Celebrate and live with intention, embracing their authentic selves.

Let's get talking!

Experience the Package

30 days 1:1 Voxer Voice note coaching

For 30 days you have your very own clarity and connection coach in your pocket!

One off payment 

$395 AUD


2 fortnightly payments of

$210 AUD

90 Day Extension:

PS: 90 Day Extension – Keep the Magic Going!

After our enriching 30 days together, you can dive right in another

90 day Talk To Me journey 

*Embrace the Continuity*

 Maintain the rhythm of expression, connection, and support as you navigate the currents of daily life.

Stay firmly anchored in your personal alignment and well-being.


3-Month Extension: $945 AUD




It's an honor to journey alongside you!

Join Now Talk to me
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