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Am I doing it right? It's not what you DO but how you BE while doing.

Have you checked in with yourself lately?

Do you have a regular practice in which you check in and take stock of how you are feeling?

Checking in offers an opportunity to familiarise yourself with your inner emotional terrain and to strengthen the language between you and your feeling body.

Tracking your energy and noting the quality of your sensory experience will improve clarity of the mind and support you in discerning the pace in which you choose to move and where to place your precious attention.

Life is full.

Is it full of what you feel like doing or are you simply on autopilot taking action from programming, lack or repetition?

The body has information for you.

The depletion, the irritation, the angst, the tension, the frustration are whispers from your feeling body that only get louder, more frequent and distorted the more you repress them.

It’s OK to feel, to engage with the language of your body and to immerse yourself in the feelings that you want tending to.

There’s so much potential and possibility available in the dialogue between your mind and your body.

There are creative solutions, expansive pathways and magnificent strategies within.

Your internal ecosystem is a loyal colleague, a constant confidant and a dynamic team player supporting you to step away from the societal prescription of success to embrace your personal cellular wisdom.

Allow your breath to carry you away from external validation and into internal reclamation.

Track the body's feedback.

Give yourself the permission to meet life through your physical experience – open, spacious and with compassion.

When you meet your edges, allow them, dance with them and attune to their sensations.

Let’s practice now….

Place a hand on your body, connect to your senses, notice your breath, take a moment to observe what it feels like to slow down and meet the present moment.

Now finish this sentence

Right now, I notice I am feeling_________.

Welcome what you feel, allow it and offer it deep compassion.

With this awareness you are more educated on where it is best to place your energy next.

Your feelings become the internal barometer to support you in knowing what quality of energy you get to bring to all you are doing.

How’s that feel?


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