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When you feel confused...

When there’s a sense of confusion, lack, loss of motivation or meaning we think we need to make a plan!

Time to shift gears, get shit moving, plan, be pro-activity and list priorities.

Feel the push? The rush to jump ship and wrong the discomfort?

Let’s try rewriting that programmed response toward presence, possibility and potentiality.

Which one feels more fun?

Even blending them feels lighter- you might sprinkle a little priority into what’s possible and plan to be more aware to the present.

The truth is, we can only plan for the first step, as the person we become from taking that step will educate the next step needed and so on and so forth.

What happens when you loosen the grip on timing and you open to only moving when it feels most nourishing for you?

That doesn’t mean the most nourishing step is easy- it means it’s wholesome, discerning and expansive.

Societies story promotes productivity- reprimanding laziness and procrastination.

What happens if your life is not a commodity but more a communing with the beauty found in the present moment?

Built with frameworks, flow, intentions, reflections and direction all held within a light and tender touch.

Blooming doesn’t require rigidity

Dancing doesn’t need choreography

Life can be lived outside the seams

If that feels good follow it and choose it to be true!

And if daily planners, highlighters and cork boards feel flippin’ fantastically freeing then own that stationary bebe!

Soften the grip

Open your lungs

Receive life beyond your expectations.

The only guarantee in “the plan” is that life will end, so colour it in fervidly!

Love living and live loving,

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