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Are your needs being met? It's a vibe!

The calendar new year brings with it the opportunity for fresh energetics - what's your current vibe for 2023?

I am dancing my way into this fresh vibe with some sassy energy - bringing a little hip swagger with a side of foot loose and fancy free feels! Yummy!

If you want to get jiggy with your heart's longings for relationships, your environment, your emotional well being and your physical vitality - start with checking in with your basic needs - are they being met?

Basically it’s up to you!

The quality and standard of your life is set by your capacity to believe in what is possible.

If you are feeling depleted, despondent and tired of trying to “make it work” - check in with your basics.

Are your basic needs of warmth, quality rest, food, water, nature, movement and connection being met?

Start there- trust you are capable of meeting these needs.

Celebrate and acknowledge your basic resources and the foundations of stability they create.

Only then will you have the overflow of energy to tend to and grow your emotional, physical and spiritual life!

Feed and nourish your baseline.

Top yourself up before you put yourself down!

When you are backed by the basics, ease and flow are your companions.

Loads of love to you xx

PS I'm so thrilled to be growing alongside you and continuing to have you feel super nourished, deeply heard and utterly supported in my spaces during 2023.


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