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Constant growth is overrated...

How’s life feeling for you?

This week I had an awesome conversation with a client in our voxer voice coaching space around “growth”. In particular, around the conditioning to always look forward toward the areas, traits and skill sets in which we feel need growth or improvement - society has wired us to keep working toward outcomes and bettering ourselves. In our voice chat we explored the undervalued and sometimes uncomfortable phase that can happen after exponential growth and expansion - “the plateau” or “gliding phase” where one actually gets to experience and embody the growth that they have just moved through.

The benefit of the plateau is you get to experience and notice how you have changed and how you relate to the world differently as this new version of yourself with a new understanding and experience of who you are. A delicious phase between leaps and major growth spurts where you integrate the transitions and glide with this new found awareness. The in between, like the stem before you blossom! Are you really relishing that stage between seed to blossom? Take the opportunity before you shoot to the next level, next growth or exponential leap to notice the growth that you’ve already made and to enjoy who you are now- gliding with your new awareness, taking in the view and acknowledging the new ways you now interact with your world. Or are you always hard focused forward on the next growth that's yet to be achieved? What do you imagine it would be like to start taking pleasure in the pause? That idling space where you note the growth and truly experience the new way you are doing things before you start focusing on what's next, Utilise the tools of deep self-appreciation and self-acknowledgement in the pause, be present to the slower pace and dynamic shift. Breathe it all in. Let’s not miss out on this integrated phase, celebrate the plateau and truly relish in this new embodied version of you before starting to look in the direction of the next voyage, expansion and growth opportunity. Enjoy all that you have traversed by being with and honouring your in-between. If you want to make more sense of where you are at, your inner world, your feelings, your passing thoughts and feel truly held in a safe and loving sharing space let’s chat- I am here and I am listening. Reply to this email or drop me a DM over on Instagram Huge love

PS My son drew the pic attached to this email- seeing my kids naturally express themselves through art, play and music is so inspiring - children are such incredible examples of being in the present moment without needing an goal or outcome to be achieved - just simply enjoying the journey.

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