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Cultivate a values-driven life and embrace your inherent worth.

Hello there gorgeous

In a world that often measures success by external achievements, it's easy to lose sight of

what truly matters: your values.

What are values? Your values are the guiding principles that shape your decisions, actions,

and ultimately, your sense of fulfillment. When you live in alignment with your values, you

experience a profound sense of meaning and authenticity.

Attuning to and acting on your values also grows a greater sense of confidence to take a

stand for what matters most to you and to advocate for what you believe in, questioning

societal norms and conditionings so you can tailor and design a life that truly reflects and

nourishes YOU!

Lately, I have been feeling into a refinement and revisiting of my own personal values. I am

committed to living a life that deeply nourishes the phase I am in and what matters most in

this season of my life. I am regularly reflecting on the culture, dynamic, and rhythm of my

daily life and choices through the lens of tending to what matters most.

I am a renegade; I have always created my own guiding principles and ways of moving

through the world that are contrary to the societal expectations imposed on me. I consider

myself and my life unconventional. I am a free agent!

I share this to highlight a piece of what I value most – I value freedom, creativity, expression,

connection, community, and exploration – having agency over my decisions is a way of living

and honouring my key core values.

I have had plenty of opportunities to cultivate this belief over the years, and life keeps

offering me up circumstances where I get to practice and commit more deeply to a felt

sense of what I value most.

Life can be overwhelming, challenging, fragile, and vulnerable as we tend to relationships,

daily responsibilities, decision-making, and our inner peace – values are your anchor.

Here's a heartfelt approach to determine and align with your personal values:

1. Reflection and Self-Awareness: Regularly pause and reflect on what truly matters to you.

What principles and beliefs do you hold dear? What brings you a sense of fulfillment and

purpose? By cultivating self-awareness, you lay the foundation for aligning your daily actions

with your values.

2. Intentional Living: Once you've identified your values, strive to live in alignment with

them every day. Make conscious choices that honor your principles and contribute to your

sense of fulfillment. Whether it's setting boundaries, pursuing meaning, or practicing

gratitude, each decision moves you closer to embodying your authentic self.

3. Authentic Expression: Embrace your uniqueness and share it freely with the world.

Recognize that your value isn't determined by external validation or comparison but by the

authenticity of your contributions. Whether through creative expression, acts of kindness,

tending to your loved ones, or advocating for causes you believe in, allow your values to

shine through in all that you do.

Remember, connecting with your values is an ongoing journey—one that requires patience,

self-compassion, and a willingness to grow. As you deepen your relationship with your

values, you'll not only discover greater clarity and meaning but also unlock the boundless

potential within you.

Your life and what you love matters. Reflect upon the endless lives you have already led, the

eclectic and electric versions of yourself that have educated and molded who you are now

– you have so much more to explore, expand into, and realize.

Thank you for living with your eyes and heart wide open – it is courageous.


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