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Did you get it right?

Imagine letting go of the need to get it right.

Feeling the heavy weight of “getting it right” has been a recurring theme in my client sessions lately.

Here’s what I have noticed….

When you are measuring your “performance” or “success” by someone else’s metrics you’ll always feel like you aren’t hitting the mark.

Fabricating your energy and adjusting your natural pace to meet social norms and expectations will keep you firmly placed in the “I’ll never get it”, “I am hopeless” and “I am a basket case” rhetoric.

Here’s the thing- when YOU decide what feels right and wrong, there is endless freedom and spaciousness to create a lifestyle that suits your natural rhythms and joy.

You are open to being wrong whilst not always needing to be right!

I remember when I first integrated the “nobody gets to be wrong” mantra into my marriage- it was during a particularly tense and emotionally charged period where we just couldn’t seem to communicate without biting each others heads off, it was hard and inflamed - I knew it wasn’t how either of us truly wanted to show up - so in order to soften and come back to loving communication, I decided to commit to looking through the lens of “nobody gets to be wrong” and start allowing what we were both feeling without making either of us wrong- to say it amplified our sense of safety and heightened our tolerance to be present to each others “behaviour” is an understatement - it set us free from “making our point” or the need to “be understood” and opened a lighter way of being together through the periods of inevitable tension.

What would letting go of the need to get it right gift you?

How do you imagine it would elevate your relationship to learning, growth and the permission to improvise your way through life’s transitions?

There is sweet relief in unburdening your focus from HOW to get it right and moving it to what FEELS right for you in your body and way of life.

Want to try it?

You can practice leaning into this kind of internal freedom and spaciousness in

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Love living and live loving,

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