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Do you doubt yourself?

Do you ever experience self- doubt?

You know what… already contribute so much delicious energy, love, creativity and spirit into your one precious life - thank you!

The Molecular structure of this planet is impacted by your mere existence!

All you need to be is a bunch of cells that exist and you are making a difference!

So why doubt yourself, your capabilities and your worth?

What if you saw doubt as an ally?

A team player supporting you on your journey- keeping you open, curious and connected to what is truly aligned for you moment by moment.

The “struggle” with doubt is when we attach a “story” to what feeling doubt means about you - stories like “I can’t make good decisions”, “I am not equipped”, “somebody else could do a better job” - buy into these narratives and watch your momentum and motivation to experiment, try and explore drift away.

When you just let doubt sit in the background and simply feel its present without giving it the spotlight or the main character of the storyline, you can exist alongside it and not battle within it.

What if you decided right here right now that doubt is a natural response, a way of really attuning with your instincts and connecting with your embodied yes and no, so you can know and navigate what feels true and authentic to you?

Doubt then becomes an empowerment tool, an advocate and a check in process - not a block, a hindrance or a confidence buzz kill, but simply a way of navigating your truth!

No doubt, you’ll doubt it until you try it!

Huge love

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