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Drop it like it's HOT!

It’s been quite the week over here at the Brown Ranch - a yucky virus/flu hitting us like dominos one by one!

With every downhill spiral there’s an upside right? Well at least that’s the belief system I chose to live by.

The thought that kept moving through my consciousness during the height of my fever was -

What happens when we drop the need for it to be different and meet the current life circumstances just as they are?

The opportunity we have had this past week is to slooooooow down. We even started going through old boxes and creating bags of things to donate to the local op-shop.

We have spent hours laying beside each other, listening to audiobooks, telling stories and playing connect 4.

We have taken light walks together, barefoot, around our land in the sun whilst sneezing and coughing, our bodies demanding we simplify, recalibrate and recover - and so we have.

The weekly timetable melted away and the rhythm of the day was set upon chamomile steams, homeopathies, lemon and honey tea, arnica foot rubs and boxes of tissues - not the regular programming but one that required our fullest and deepest presence letting everything else fall away.

It’s always humbling to experience just how little control we actually have over life when our bodies choose to take rest.

Whatever you have been moving through this past week and continue to meet in your present life,

if you dropped the need for it to be different

how do you imagine that might shift the way you feel?

Sending all my love, compassion and tenderness directly to you - this is one dynamic, precious and precarious life - go lightly, go truly and follow the moments of joy - everything you experience is growing you exponentially into the most divine expression of your brilliant essence.

With love and social distanced elbow pumps

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