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How are you feeling?


There’s freedom in connecting, expressing and anchoring your feelings.

Take a moment to pause here……place your hand on your heart and take a breath - how do you feel?

Listen, allow and articulate.

Offering yourself a tender moment of compassion and grace.

Meeting the presence of your feeling body and letting it educate you on where to place your energy.

It can feel fragile to commit to meeting the moment, to staying open and present to the flow and flossing of emotions - but being more deeply aware and articulate of your feeling landscape strengthens the resilience of your foundation and nourishes your availability to life.

Allowing feelings to flow freely then being willing to change plans or shift the to-do list according to how you feel is a simple pathway to lighter, easier and deeper living.

It is safe to feel.

Your feelings matter.

When you feel you can deal.

Sending love and tenderness to exactly how you feel in this very moment.

Huge love

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