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Are you living Open Hearted?

A little word on living with an open heart or what I like to call.... Open Hearted Living

Everyone has a big heart, some choose to lead with it and others choose to protect it.

When you offer your open heart to places and people that don't tend to it, you learn.

These experiences are education that inform you on how to become a prolific tenderer to your own heart.

Beginning to practice placing your heart in the spaces, places, and into the palms of those who want to be shown how to best care for it, is pure self love.

When you move through the open hearted rite of passage, you integrate your newfound awareness or you spend life compromising your heart glory - neither is wrong - it is simply a choice of deciding on a life of personal responsibility or being a victim to circumstance.

Human heart energy is huge and you can expand or contract the energy with every choice you make - the key to leading with openness is self-appreciation, embracing your feeling self and then showing those you love how to best nurture, nourish and tend to your heart.

Open hearted living then becomes your own personal information and guidance system - the light that guides you to deeper, more expansive and heartfelt living.

How is your heart today? Are you protecting it or projecting its warmth and wonder out into your world?

Sending you tender and nourishing energy today and always.

Huge Love,

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