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Is depletion showing up for you?

Have you or are you feeling depleted right now?

Depletion can show up in many ways. In the mind numbing hum of agitation, the heart racing pang of regret or the spirit piercing hold of resentfulness. We were not built to run on empty.

Are you angry all the time or are you simply starved of quality rest and a safe, sturdy support system? Depletion isn’t just caused by the over use of your precious energy and never ending commitments. It’s the lack of feeling deeply seen, intimately connected, truly appreciated and consciously heard. Depletion is when you are functioning as a fragment of your fullest self. Your needs feel unmet and your feelings unheard - that’s a lot to hold and it’s exhausting. Depletion requires a redesign of what you are currently available for. What does rest look like for you and are you willing to integrate it in? Nourishment must be your foundation.

Seek out safe spaces where you can feel heard, held and valued. Fill your starved spirit with small pockets of sensory delights that fill you up. When you tend to your depletion in this way, you may just find the agitation, irritation and resentment takes a rest too!

This is small and simple awareness that edges you away from depletion and opens you up to feeling rested and ready to receive more of what you want.

In what ways do you experience depletion and in what ways are you now ready to start nourishing your foundational spirit?

Big love

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