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Just bring it!

Last week I was able to take myself on an early sunrise walk along the beach. It was my first in about a month and it was so soul nourishing.

As human beings, we can be so hard wired to focus on what we are getting and receiving - we are forward thinking, consistently placing our attention on what we want, what we yearn for and what we are not getting.

But what nature, and in particular the sun gifts me, is the reminder that each day as she rises, we too can rise, with awareness, consciousness, and intention about what we’re energetically BRINGING to the things that we want.

We can switch the internal focus to How am I being? and What quality and standard of my energy am I bringing to my day today?

Day in and day out the sun gloriously brings and shines her light and warmth, so I ask myself… “What am I bringing today? What’s the quality of my energy bringing to the day in order to receive those things that I want? Am I being the energetic reflection of all that I am yearning for?”

I am reminded as I watched the colours in the sky shift and the darkness fade away to be really intentional about the quality of my energy and the standard of what I'm bringing to my day.

What are you bringing to your day today? And what is the quality of energy, thoughts and attitude you want to exude?

Awareness and choice are always available.

Love and warmth,

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