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Something to think about!

Hey lovely,

Have you ever been stuck in that cycle of overthinking? You know, where your mind feels like it's running on a hamster wheel and ideas just don't seem to flow? Today, let's chat about something we've all experienced: Self-Absorption and Rumination.

These sneaky habits can steal our joy and leave us feeling exhausted, but they also nudge us to shift our focus to the present moment.

Here's the scoop:

THINKING helps us analyze; BEING helps us experience. It's all about finding that balance between deep thinking and fully immersing ourselves in the now.

Need a mental reset? Move your body! Whether it's a walk, yoga, or dancing like nobody's watching, physical activity can shake off those overthinking vibes.

Nature is our bestie in expanding perspectives. Take a moment to soak in its beauty and feel the weight of worries lift.

When you catch yourself in the self-absorption or rumination loop, don't sweat it. It's a sign to pause, take a breath, and come back to the present where all the good stuff happens.

Catch you in the moment,Huge love

PS. TALK TO ME is a great space to move those absorbing rumination tendencies with a cleansing month of expressing, looking at, unpacking and reflecting on what's living within you - BOOK HERE

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