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(Talk to me) Lets talk about YOU....

I see you holding it all - the visible and the invisible.

I appreciate your natural cyclical nature that is feeling so squashed by the societal structures and weekly scheduling that simply does not honour the ever changing seasons of your soul.

You’re over feeling untethered, unfulfilled, confined and uninspired.

It disappoints you how reactionary, angry, frustrated and irritated you feel- even when life is actually pretty good.

You keep searching for that next step, next course, next holiday or next move that will shift your gears and open you up to the sweet nectar of clarity and relief.

You deeply know and understand the medicinal value of giving your inner tension outer expression.

Ease into a comfy chair here and breathe.

Breathe into an intentional sharing space crafted just for you.

An active and supported space to unzip your mind and pour out your heart.

Here there is radical permission to place your unmet needs and unheard feelings in a space where they can be tended to.

Give voice to your inner world in order to;

Lighten your load

Understand your nature

Deepen your relationship to self

Appreciate how you are feeling

Stop searching and start embracing

Feel compassion and kindness toward yourself.

The result-

👏Being more connected and present in your relationships and parenting.

👏Enjoying your responsibilities, commitments and fullness of daily life.

👏Responding to Life with more ease, grace and peace.

👏Being in a clear and connected relationship with what you need, what you want and what you are creating.

TALK TO ME will help you like, embrace and celebrate who you are!

You’ll build a felt and applicable personal toolkit to meet daily life with clarity and joy.

Open now

30 days 1:1 Voxer Voice coaching Vortex.

Daily expression.

Daily reflection

Daily conversation.

Daily insights.

We meet in the Voxer voice app- Where you have your very own clarity and connection coach in your pocket.

Coaching and connection weaved effortlessly into your daily life- a voice diary, a soul cleanse - all on your own terms and easily integrated into your daily life!

A held and intentional space for your personal evolution and expansion.

Huge Love,

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