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The silly season just got spacious!

The silly season can feel spacious!

December can seem so full right?!

Like a year's worth of activities and emotions are all being squeezed into one month!

Sending so much tenderness and spaciousness to you if you are feeling the tension building, the social calendar filling and your emotional cup overflowing.

What does spaciousness feel like for you?

When you feel most spacious- what are you doing? Who are you with? And where are you?

Simply and intentionally factor in the people, places and rituals that promote the energy of spaciousness within you, bringing a quality of grace and ease to the heightened activity during December and beyond.

Spaciousness is found in being truly responsible for your energy and your capacity- trust your willingness and be open to this festive season nourishing you and in turn those you love..

Whatever December brings for you may it tend to your wholeness and have you feel wholeheartedly loved.

And know that every Friday in December my inbox here and on socials is wide open for you - bring a question, thought or insight you most want clarity around.

I have been having some of the most rich, connected and heart clarifying exchanges so far on Fridays - if you feel called to take me up on a Friday feels inbox tango then please do!

Thank you for being here, engaging with me and gifting me the privilege of connecting with you throughout this year! I truly cherish your presence.

All my love xx

PS A little piece I wrote last week that seemed to sing to peoples spirit…,

An ode to staying open.

Your opinion of me is not my truth.

The lens in which you look at me is coloured by your perspective.

The pure essence of me is subtle.

It is the marinade soaking the cloak of judgments you adorn me with.

The only way to taste the nutrients of my spirit is to stay present to curiosity.

To open your clenched thoughts and soften to the aroma of my heart.

Put down your stale knowing and rigid adjudications of my person and allow your senses to be raw and vulnerable to my freshness.

Allow me to feel different in your system.

Let me bloom, filling up your empty understanding of my “type”.

I am not your definition.

Don’t miss my eclectic rainbow of colour that lives outside the lined borders time has crafted.

The story you make up of me is limited, it’s dysfunctional.

I am not your narrative.

Feel free to read and reread your established character breakdown of me while I diligently offer myself compassion for the ways I am yet to meet myself.

If you tend to the identity you have blanketed me in, it becomes impossible to touch the nakedness of my truth.

My light will be here underneath the mountain of labels you have placed on my vessel.

Truth is, your deafening projections are arousing an intimate conversation within the scaffolding of my soul, strengthening the inner lens in which I choose to view myself.

A reminder: whilst stumbling through this unglamorous journey of meeting oneself, consistently offer others the tenderness of a compassionate heart because it feels better than holding on to an outdated recollection of behaviours that contaminate the possibility of meeting the deliciousness available in staying open to each other.

Partner with the flow found in changing tides rather than anchoring against them.

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