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🌟What's wrong with me?🌟

Hi lovely,

Have you ever stopped to think about the quality of your self-talk and the relationship you have with yourself?

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget about the power of our inner dialogue.

Recently, I had a dear friend reach out to me because her self-esteem was taking a hit from someone else’s treatment toward her. 💔

Over the phone, she exclaimed, “What is wrong with me?” I reminded her that someone else’s disrespect and thoughtlessness is more a testament to who they are and where their emotional awareness is at than it is about her worthiness.

If you've ever found yourself questioning your worth or feeling disconnected from your inner self, know that you're not alone.

Many of us struggle with this, but the key lies in developing a stronger, more skillful connection to our inner dialogue.

Here are a few tips to help you on your journey of improving the quality of your inner connection:

👉 Awareness: By becoming aware of your thoughts and how they influence your emotions and behaviours.

TIP - Your thoughts impact your actions, to snag those repetitive, unconscious thoughts take new and fresh action to receive something different.

👉 Compassion: Be kind to yourself as you as you observe your inner dialogue. Treat yourself with the same compassion you would offer to a friend.

TIP – Purposefully practice patience and presence for exactly where you find yourself.

👉 Embrace unhelpful thoughts: When unhelpful thoughts arise, embrace them. Being able to catch, notice and observe self-limiting dialogue is empowering and liberating.

TIP - Write these critical and unhelpful thought patterns down so you can see them, review them and replace them with something that feels lighter, richer and more aligned to who you are.

👉 Practice Gratitude: Shift your focus from what's lacking to what you're grateful for. Cultivating a mindset of gratitude can nurture a more aligned inner dialogue.

TIP - A great question to ask is “What feels like it’s working in my life right now?”

👉 Seek Support: Don't do it alone - reach out for support if you're struggling and trying to make sense of all that is rolling around inside you. Whether it's through therapy, coaching, or confiding in a trusted friend, seeking support can provide invaluable insights.

TIP - Invest in a safe and skilled listening space where the right questions are asked – this will liberate you by refining your inner dialogue.

Remember, the journey to inner connection is ongoing.

Be patient with yourself and celebrate the progress you make along the way.

February 1:1 space is open – reach out for a DISCOVERY SESSION to decipher which package is most aligned for you or jump over to offerings page to learn more!

Freedom from inner darkness, confusion and criticism is one conversation away!

Sending you oodles of love,

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