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Would you like to respond?

There’s been a little theme coming up for me in my life, and for my wondrous courageous clients, around choosing to respond differently to life and certain circumstances. We all move through life being activated and reacting unconsciously, and what we have been exploring is what it would be like to choose to respond differently in these moments, trying something else on in order to receive a different outcome and in order to receive something different from life. I've been thinking about this- and for myself, I find deep reflection and a willingness to reassess consistently is supportive in actively responding in a new way. So, if there is something in your life that you wish to change within yourself, within the way you are activated, the way you react in certain circumstances, or perhaps it is even the circumstance itself that you want to change- What would it be like to open yourself to reflection and reassessment? Ask yourself; ‘How am I being?’, ‘How would I like to be?’, ‘How would I like it to feel?’ and ‘How would I like it to look different?’ Remember it’s a practice and when we are playing with a new perspective, a new way of being or responding differently we must drench ourselves in deep self-appreciation and self-compassion in order to be more willing to give it a go and simply see what happens! All my love

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