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What if your silliest fleeting thoughts were actually directions leading you to your deepest truth?

Would you dismiss them, shame them or be embarrassed to share them if you knew they were guiding you toward your innermost clarity, understanding and knowing?

My daughter just turned 7. Quite the milestone turning 7, I can begin to feel her widening and understanding of self being separate from me - it’s both painful and beautiful to witness.

Miss 7 has an extra awareness to carry around being anaphylactic, she carries an epipen for some serious allergens.

Her developing brain has gained some challenging information and experiences from previous allergic reactions and now at 7 I can feel the fear and anxiety that has arised to make sense of and gain inner peace around the very real understanding that some foods are poison for her body.

During this phase she has been acutely emotional, needy, silly, irrational and clingy.

This can be super challenging to hold space for and to be present and available for day after day.

But - who am I to judge, shame or minimise her “silly” feelings?

Albeit exhausting at times - perhaps this is exactly what her nervous system needs to move toward equilibrium and to build a safe and resonant place to make peace with how to best care for herself.

I am digging deep - leaning in on the tools and simply being witness openly and consistently for her big feelings.

It’s not easy.

Scheduled events missed, daily chores unattended to and zero personal space.

But the alternative has no merit for us.

I want my daughter to know that she is loveable and that there is always space and time for her to explore her feelings - they are her guides supporting her to feel at home in her body.

I want her to be secure in the knowledge that even her most silly, irrational and nonsensical thoughts will be held, nurtured and valued.

Sometimes that’s all I have… answers, no strategies, no solving - just simple presence.

Do you have silly, nonsensical thoughts and feelings that are asking for more of your presence and attention?

There is no need to evaluate them, wrong them, push them aside or positivity bomb them - try radically embracing them!! Claiming them will dispel the need for those thoughts to leech your energy or set up camp within your identity.

Try offering your silly thoughts and feelings a welcoming hand and watch the frequency and consistently of them melt away!

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