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Celebrating milestones and trying new things!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

It’s March, and this month marks a decade of parenting for me - I value celebrating milestones, so to celebrate I decided to try 10 new things this year.

The first cab off the rank was a Tea Ceremony. Have you ever been to a tea ceremony?

A group of strangers sitting in a room on tatami floor mats in silence for 90 minutes, ritualistically sipping tea. It was truly interdimensional - I drank every second of it in - no pun intended!

What have you opened yourself up to lately?

What new or fresh ideas, thought patterns or experiences are you welcoming in?

Life is regenerative - be purposeful in the ways you are creating space for engaging with life and your perceptions in new ways!

The #2 new thing I have booked in is an Adult Tap class - it’s been about a decade since I went to a tap class, so I’ll let you know how I go!!

If life feels clunky, get funky with something fresh - maybe even just a new flavour of tea!

It gets to be simple AND sumptuous!

All my love

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