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Kitchen hangs and painting pictures...

‘Afternoon kitchen floor sits’ they’re a thing right?!?!

As I sat on my kitchen floor last week, I was having a conversation with myself (please tell me that many of you do that as well) and the conversation went a little something like this…

“Well Callie - Tell me what picture you are painting? What picture are you painting in your mind and in your heart and in your words and in your stories. Stories of your partnership, of your parenting, of your life, of your current situation, of your circumstances! What picture - in your pretty little mind - are you painting??? And do you want that picture you are painting??? Is it what you want? Is it what you believe to be possible in your own life? Is it honoring your values? Is the picture you’re currently painting of a person in your life, a circumstance, your career…. Is it the colors and the expression of your life that you most desire?? And if not, then why are you perpetuating that picture by continuing to paint it through your vocabulary, through your mindset, through your perspectives?”

And as I sat on my kitchen floor, I was offered a brand new perspective. One where I could see where things were a little bit messy, a little bit dirty, and a little bit cobwebby. A perspective that offered me the opportunity to go and clean things up.

So… I ask you the same question I asked myself. What pictures are YOU painting? Are they pictures that you’re invested in and want your life to look like? And if not, why not? Are you willing to paint different pictures?

And if you are, but need a little help, a little guidance, an opportunity to see things from a different perspective, you might like to jump into a 1 Hour Tune In Session, my 1:1 online clarity coaching space.

1 Hour Tune In, a space where together we can dust off the canvas of your mind and start painting different pictures.

Big love

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