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The doors are now open for YOU to join the next season of 'The Corner'

The next season of THE CORNER is open!

Immerse yourself in a sacred, supportive online space for 90days where every aspect of your being is embraced.

One thing I know to be true is your spirit needs tending to!

In the 'The Corner', you’re not just a participant – you’re part of a vibrant community where you’re valued, heard, and acknowledged for your true self.

What does ‘The Corner’ offer???

Collective Wisdom: Benefit from diverse perspectives and shared insights.

Vibrant Support: Receive encouragement, guidance, and camaraderie.

Accountability: Stay on track with regular check-ins and shared goals.

Deep Connections: Forge bonds that transcend the digital space.

Personal Growth: Embrace a journey of self-awareness and inner compassion.

Shared Learning: Discover through shared experiences and collective learning.

THE CORNER –90 days of Life-Affirming Growth: Immerse yourself in a powerful 3-month journey.

Monthly Zoom Listening Circle: Experience deeper connections in a group coaching setting. (3 calls total)

Shared Voxer Voice Note Coaching: Engage in meaningful exchanges through voice and text messages.

Guided Weekly Sharing: Connect and check in with your fellow participants.

This is an Intimate Online Circle: A close-knit community of up to 6 participants for personalized attention.

We start November 27th and journey through the festive season and into the new year together - perfect timing for leaning into intentional and loving support.

There are 4 spaces remaining for this quarter of the corner (2 have already been snapped up) - the most intimate, supportive and nourishing corner of the world! ​ Sink into this safe, warm, unique, and radically supportive experience.

All my love

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