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Do you want to hear some goss?

Updated: 3 days ago

Hi lovely,

I was recently at a bustling busy cafe, engrossed in my work, when the lively conversation of four women at the neighboring table caught my attention. Their discussion centered on others' lives, filled with hearsay and commentary about mutual acquaintances. It struck me how often I've participated in such conversations and the guilt that followed.

This experience reinforced my commitment to taking responsibility for my emotions and shifting focus from how others 'make me feel' to how I choose to feel.

As an observer, the quality of dialogue among these friends felt disheartening and purposeless.

Why do you think we gossip? 💭💖

Embrace Authentic Conversations 🌿✨

Let's talk about gossiping. It's easy to get caught up in discussing others' lives, but what if we shifted the focus back to ourselves? 💭💖

Gossiping often reflects unexplored emotions and insecurities within us. It's like a mirror showing what we need to address within ourselves. 🪞✨

Instead of perpetuating the gossip loop, let's use these moments as opportunities for self-reflection and growth. Pause, reconnect with your truth, and explore why certain emotions are triggered. 🌱💖

Authentic conversations start with self-awareness.

Let's break free from gossip and deepen our connections through genuine understanding.

I am always here to practice the skill of authentic conversation together! 💫💕

Huge Love,

PS. Knowing how to unpack your thoughts and skillfully express your feelings is so liberating – let’s do it together, learn more HERE.

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