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I don't "Have it all together"! Do you?

Life is multi-layered; being human is multi-layered. Each day we carry and confront a new set of challenges, and we're in relationships with others who are navigating their own unique journeys - daily life can feel so full and cumbersome. You know what I say? Screw the idea of having it all together. Instead, spend your time getting to know what things and resources you can lean into to feel more together. This reflection came to mind during a conversation with my exceptional VA, Kylea, who adeptly manages my unconventional, diverse approach to running a business while I simultaneously nurture my growing family. Kylea, your support is truly appreciated. The "togetherness" of my business may appear unconventional, erratic, or disorganized from an external viewpoint. However, the reality is that I've intentionally sought support and resources to enhance my functionality and promote inner peace in both my business and my role as a present homeschooling mama of two.

I like to think my life looks like a 'dogs breakfast' that is rich in nutrients and deeply satisfying!

I've intentionally chosen to outsource the bits that feel overwhelming, underwhelming and time consuming, leaning into resources that keep me accountable and functional in the areas that are most important to me.

While my approach may not appear conventionally put together, I've learned what allows me to show up authentically with peace and fullness. It might not look like a seamless picture, and I might not fit the mold of conventional perfection, but I've found a profound sense of togetherness.

This comes from endeavoring to embrace all my quirks and building resources that serve ME best, enabling me to serve others more effectively. So, instead of fixating on the illusion of having it all together, shift your focus to the multitude of things and resources that can help you feel more together.

Huge Love

PS. If you're feeling drawn to explore this path further and lean into your own set of tools, support and resources that offer you a greater sense of peace and fulfilment, then let's navigate life's layers, celebrate your unique path, and discover the togetherness that resonates with your heart.

Book in your complimentary half hour Discovery Call - it will be a deeply nourishing expression and connection time - giving you more of a felt sense of how to step into your own unique "togetherness".

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