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💛Misunderstandings are inevitable - here's how to move through them

Hi lovely,

Lately, I've found myself navigating through some challenging misunderstandings within a close relationship.  It's been a profound reminder of the importance of making space for allthe feelings that coexist in relationship upset - mine and theirs.

Even when I am hurting or struggling to find mutual understanding, there's immense power in tending to my own pain and longings with deep compassion.

To support my inner dis-comfort I have been embracing rest, being with what is, and moving all that is arising in my emotional landscapes.

In the midst of uncertainty, I'm learning to lean into the wisdom of compassion - both for myself and for those I love. It's a journey of growth, understanding, and above all, unconditional love.

There is that all too familiar and alluring natural response to stay closed - to blame, analyse and defend - but I am genuinely practicing to stay open and lead from the heart in the face of this upset.

🌟 Embracing Openness Through Relationship Upsets 🌟

In the dance of relationships, we encounter moments of upset and discord. But amidst the storm, we have the power to choose openness and empathy. 💛

🌱 Pause and Reflect: Take a breath, tune into your emotions, and explore the root of your upset with compassion. Stay in the experience instead of being in analysis.

👂 Practice Active Listening: Give your full presence to understand the other person's perspective without judgment or interruption.

💬 Express Yourself Honestly: Share your feelings vulnerably using "I" statements, fostering genuine connection and understanding.

⏹️ Seek Common Ground: Discover common values and create a shared vision and commitment to the quality of communication and relationship foundation you share - commit to mutual understanding.

Validate and let in: Create space to truly validate the experience you are both having – truly appreciating that both experiences are valid and can co-exist alongside each other. Feeling validated opens space for healing and renewed connection.

In every upset lies an opportunity for growth, understanding, and deeper connection.

To choose openness and love as we navigate the beautiful complexities of relationships together, we must feel safe – take time to feel into what you need to feel safe and reflect on which relationships you do feel a foundation of safety. Invest your energy there for genuine and continued growth.

I would love to hear the ways you keep open and compassionate navigating your relationship upsets – what works for you?

Huge Love,

PS. Together we can refine communication and expression skills within relationship and support a deeper clarity and connection to your inner emotions and your truth – improving the quality and fulfilment of your daily life – let’s work together!

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