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The TURNING POINT that led me to the path of coaching...

The TURNING POINT that led me to the path of coaching…. This was a “turn in” point – an embodied break down that led to a full break through. A breakthrough in CHOICE. 24 years old and only 3 months shy of graduating from Australia’s leading Musical Theatre school, bright eyed and dream filled. But “the dream” of creative success, a “star-studded” future and “making it” as an Actor became a noose around my neck – I lived in constant evaluation and comparison. Every day was another day to prove my worth and to validate my talent. My body grew tired and my spirit began to wither. The “play” was lost and the “joy” was a distant memory. I valued myself only when I was achieving success as a performer – “the notes” were only supposed to be given after every performance, but the energetics of “note taking”, “refinement” and “improvement” became my inner critics favourite pass time. Finally, one night my body snuck into the driver’s seat – my weary 48kg slender frame bravely turned the ignition and put its foot down full throttle on the accelerator – anxiety and panic attacks weren’t going to give up until I started to listen. This wasn’t an easy or comfortable journey – but it’s road to recovery was a turning point that gifted me SO much. I literally reshaped my entire internal world and in turn rewired the lens in which I see the world. My heart and mind were blown open and I adventured into the world of WHOLENESS. I eagerly soaked up all things MIND/BODY/SPIRIT wellness – I became connected and passionate for things like yoga, breathing, self-development books, therapy, holistic medicine, homeopathy, epigenetics and the list goes on. My spirit began to see it had CHOICES and that felt so liberating! I had lived 24 years of my life believing what I DO is what will create a LIFE I LOVE. I believed I was only good enough, loveable enough and valuable enough when I was a “working actor” – but when my mind drove my body to the edge, my body took out the parachute and showed me the true heights of my brilliance, beyond anything I can DO – we went flying to the heights of who I AM and I have been free falling in that magnificence ever since! Grateful that I broke down so my SELF could break through! Supporting others to lead with self, be energetically hygienic and to liberate their spirit is my life’s work and it’s a sublime privilege!

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