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We've come to the end...

Sending so much love and grace your way as you move through the festive season. I am deeply grateful for your continued connection and support throughout 2022. When you take time to reflect upon this year, may you lean into what it has gifted you and what pieces of you are now changed and expanded that you desire to carry through to a new year. What is the energy you would like to promote and fortify in 2023? What do you feel like tending to and nourishing for the first quarter of the year? You are equipped, you are capable and you are divinely supported! Blessed to know you and thank you for being here. With love and gratitude,

PS Recent thoughts on emotional accumulation….

An Accumulation of feelings is what happens when you live day by day bypassing, suppressing, pushing aside, ignoring and rejecting your feelings. Most of have us were raised in a culture where emotional intelligence and access to being held in your full emotional expression was not valued, encouraged and likely ridiculed. We live as a collective on mute, prolific in social pleasantries yet walking around numb, agitated and apathetic. We accept the science of bodily functions that are purpose built to detox and release toxins from the body- a daily bowel movement is essential for a heathy digestive system. But what about practices for the release and clearing of feelings accumulated by living and moving through daily life? Without tending to emotional accumulation we begin to become intolerant to feelings. Just like the body, accumulation can lead to inflammation and then to intolerances! Find spaces and places were you are invited and encouraged to feel your emotions, move your feels and be witnessed in loving compassion as you be with the fullness and intensity of your emotional experience. It’s essential in being available to and tactile with living! The present moment only feels deeply uncomfortable when you are carrying a body full of accumulated emotional energy. Twist the lid, it is safe and spaciousness awaits you! Support is available right here if you would like a loving hand to hold as you learn to feel life as you move through life. 🍃🍃🍃

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