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What are you looking at? ☀☀☀

Are you aware of what you are focusing on and where you are placing your attention?


Having a regular practice to attentively review your personal patterns and your emotional achilles heel can open up access to seeing yourself, your relationships and your circumstances in a new and differing light.

Where have you decided your life is not working and what would happen if you accepted it is in best service to you, just how it is?

Could it be possible that a simple shift in view may soften your struggles and release your tensions?

You get to gift yourself the opportunity to see yourself as spacious, fulfilled and light.

Switch your lens to see all the luscious and incredible things you have already created.

Take daily stock of what you appreciate.

Value what isn’t feeling good.

Express what you need.

Be open to seeing and feeling all the love surrounding you.

Life looks brighter when you perceive it so.


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