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What is leading a life of REVERENCE?

To be the leader of your life, focus on being present, reverent and conscious.

To be a meaningful LEADER, lead with awe.


What is a Reverent woman?

The Reverent woman lives daily life as a sanctum – a sanctuary of awe.

She leads with curiosity and moves through choices from the richness of their frequency.

A woman of reverence prioritizes the pause, she revels in the “in between” giving sacred spaciousness to the stretch and the burning ache of awareness.

She is lit by life and dances with the flame of ideas, possibility and the fertile nature of creating art out of life.

The Reverent woman de-robes conditioning and cultural norms to swim naked in the depth of re-imagining, her heart and mind relentlessly stimulated and expanded by the poetry of perspective and the endless breadth of questioning.

She gives REVERENCE to her humanness – remembering her resilience is built on the foundation of PRESENCE, AWARENESS and SELF RESPONSIBILITY.

The Reverent Woman wants more whilst being acutely grateful for all that is.

She has reverence for the fragility of life, the potency of vulnerability and the nourishment found in energetic hygiene.

She gives reverence and relevance to her emotions – carving out intentional space to reflect, observe and express her feeling body.

She is committed to ALIVENESS.

The Reverent woman is intimate with intensity and permissive to resistance – she engages with their opportunity of growth with a child-like enthusiasm.





Revere her for she is YOU!

Huge Love,

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